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Jamie says: A few days before I left town to start my new job, my Godparents (aka my aunt and uncle) took me to The Riverside Market Cafe (608 SW 12th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312; tel. 954-358-8333) for lunch. My uncle had been speaking highly of the place for quite a few weeks and had been inviting me to check it out, so we decided to make the plan a reality.

So one beautiful and sunny afternoon last month, I drove to his house and hopped in his car with my aunt and we headed off down a bunch of side streets to get to the restaurant/cafe.

I soon discovered it’s in a residential neighborhood- cool!

The Riverside Market Cafe

I liked their storefront sign…

That's their name- proudly displayed so you can find it in this local, residential neighborhood

If you’re a local, you can ride your bike there…

Even from the outside, this restaurant/cafe has a cool, local vibe

Check out those vibrant chairs they have on the front porch…

Have a seat (and a bite to eat or a drink) outside in one of these brightly colored chairs

Even the inside of the restaurant is fun!

The view of the dining area when walking in

There were customers dining and enjoying drinks on the high top tables and on couches!

You eat on high-top tables

They had a lot of beer options, too.

In addition to food, they offer a wide range of beers

I almost ran into a “floating” bottle opener… I laughed to myself and thought it was fun and unique.

The bottle openers hang from fishing wire- fun!

They also had a case of non-alcoholic beverages.

The back of the restaurant/cafe

It was Christmas-time when we were there. They decorated a tree…

Look how they decorated their Christmas tree!

I asked someone at neighboring table to snap a picture of me and my Godparents.

My Godparents took me to lunch before I left town for my new job

They’re were some good options on the menu, but I went with the special…

Today's special... is what I ordered!

And here it is…

The special- Curry Chicken Salad Wrap with a side of potato salad with bacon (they were out of orzo)

It was good and filled me up. I liked the idea of a curry chicken salad and homemade potato salad with bacon. It made me want to try to make both at home.

A peak at the inside of the wrap

Overall, it was a cool experience. I liked the atmosphere and local vibe the most since it was so unique. Check it out, and let me know what you thought.

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