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Jamie says: My Mom used to go to Burrito Brothers Taco Co. (1402 W. University Avenue  Gainesville, FL  32603; tel. 352-378-5948) when she was a student at UF. It’s one of those restaurants that’s stuck around Gainesville because the food is good and the price is fair. So when Mom, Dad, and K came to visit me, we dined at Burrito Brothers for a taste of tried and true Gainesville.

Burrito Brothers Taco Co.

It’s really quite hidden (this is the parking lot view), but it’s worth the effort to find it. (There’s practically no street view from University Avenue, but it’s behind the Presbyterian Student Center.) Here’s the gate that you see from the parking lot.

It's a hidden secret of Gainesville

There’s only outdoor dining or takeout, but that’s part of the fun.

Here's the dining area

It’s so close to campus you could walk or ride your bike here.

We sat at that table on the right

The menu is posted on the wall.

The menu is on the wall

And you order at this little window. They have awesome guacamole that’s made fresh daily, but you have to get there early for it. (We missed it this time- note the guac light is not on.)

And you order at the window (note that the guac light is not on meaning no guac at this time)

When you’re food is ready, they call your number and put it through the window on the door.

You're food's ready!

I got the pork burrito… I made mine a “primo” for a little more money. That means you get more of the main ingredients plus sour cream; if you ask me, it’s well worth the 80 cents.)

What's inside?

The pork burrito is “braised pulled pork shoulder with Monterey Jack, green salsa and cabbage dressed with lime.” (You can add free veggies, too, which include- ” tomatoes, onions, black olives, pickled jalapenos, roasted jalapenos, serranos, habaneros, red sauce, hot red sauce, green tomatilla salsa, chipotle salsa and roasted corn salsa.”) It’s quite flavorful.

Check out that pork!

Mom, K, and I are UF alum! Go Gators!

Gator girls- K, J, & Mom

We all had a good time!

The guys- Dad & Andy

If you’re looking for a local, hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurant with good food at a good price, you’ve come to the right place-find Burrito Brothers!

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Jamie says: I was so excited to have my family come visit me at my new apartment that I started planning all sorts of fun activities for my “family weekend.” Unlike visits of the past, I had no homework to worry about (a perk of finishing school and having a job).

One of the restaurants on my restaurants-to-try list was Limerock Road Neighborhood Grill in Haile Plantation Village (9158 SW 51st Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608; tel. (352) 240-6228. So the four of us ventured out to Haile Plantation, which I like to call “Pleasantville,” for lunch at Limerock Road.

Limerock Road Neighborhood Grill

It’s cute, isn’t it?

Cool name, cool sign

We sat outside, but here’s a look at the inside…

They have indoor and outdoor seating

They have Happy Hour every day from 3-6 PM (according to their website).

They have a bar, too

Here’s one side of the restaurant…

There's another smaller section with indoor seating, too

And there was art (and more tables) on the other side…

Some fun artwork

I don’t normally take pictures of bathrooms, but I thought it was too nice to leave out…

Even the bathroom was pretty

They post their menu online. They said they were going to update it soon.

That dog looks so happy!

I love bright colors- like the green on this glass…


Cool glasses (and I'm not talking about shades here)

We orded the Heart of Palm salad as an appetizer to share. I really enjoyed the hearts of palm and their house dressing.

Heart of Palm salad

K got the Limerock Wings- “Hot & Spicy, Guava BBQ or a combo”- with the Daily Soup Special- Cream of Spinach. The soup rocked! It was the favorite item of the table!

Limerock Wings and Cream of Spinach Soup

And the wings were tasty, too. (I got to enjoy K’s leftover wings for lunch.)

Check out that guava and sauce on those wings

I ordered the Monterey Chicken sandwich, ” grilled breast with guacamole, sprouts, tomatoes and Jack cheese on toasted brioche bun” and the Tomato Soup. (Dad got chicken, too.) I enjoyed the soup and the sandwich was good.

Monterey Chicken Lunch Basket with Tomato Soup

The bun on the sandwich was so flavorful- tasted buttery like garlic bread without the garlic… It was my favorite part of the sandwich.

Check out that bun!

Mom got the Blackened Haddock Sandwich “with lettuce and tomato on Pullman white bread” and the Cream of Spinach soup (the same soup K got). She loved the soup, too.

Blackened Haddock Sandwich with Cream of Spinach Soup

We enjoyed the restaurant and our day together.

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