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Jamie says: Here’s an exciting story. Mom was reading DSW Magazine (the local magazine for Davie, The Ranches, Weston, and Copper City), and saw Two Sisters Dine Out quoted in it multiple times! She couldn’t believe it. The Two Sisters Dine Out restaurant review of Zinncredible Pizza & Panini was the basis for the article. How cool is that! Check out page 20 in the June 2012 issue of DRW Magazine to read the Zinncredible Grows article and see Two Sisters Dine Out mentioned and quoted.

TSDO is quoted on page 20 in the DRW Magazine article titled Zinncredible Grows!

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Jamie says: Mom and K have been talking about “gas station” pizza for weeks now. I really wasn’t too sure how their favorite pizza in town could come from a gas station, but I figured I didn’t want to miss out. So I texted Mom and made plans for a Mother-Daughter dinner date to Zinncredible Pizza and Panini (4450 South Pine Island Road, Davie, FL 33328; tel. 954-452-0101; they also have a Facebook page), after trap shooting with K and Dad, of course…

Zinncredible Pizza and Panini

It’s really quite convenient- you can get gas for your car, mail a package, pick up a snack or lotto ticket, and have delicious Italian food- all in the same little place.

It's inside the Chevron gas station plaza in Davie on Pine Island Road and Orange Drive

Yes, the restaurant is really inside a gas station…but that’s part of the fun of it!

Chevron gas station

But it’s got an Italian restaurant feel on the inside.

Here's the restaurant

You order at the counter and they bring the food out to you.

It's small but it does the trick (and they're expanding)

The owner was a really nice guy. He came to our table and talked to us about New York and Italy- two wonderful food places. He’s very passionate about his pizza- and it shows. One thing that he said really resonated with me- “When you do things with your heart, you will always be successful.” I believe that to be true.

The owner is a really cool guy!

We each ordered a slice of pizza and a few “salads” and shared it. (The wine came from the gas station.)

Mangia, mangia! Want in?

Mom chose the margarita Sicilian. It had a nice, thin sweet sauce, slices of fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and parmesan cheese. It was really awesome! I was having flashbacks to our recent trip to Italy.

Sicilian pizza by the slice

I went the traditional route- with a big slice of thin crust cheese pizza. It was perfect. I dipped my crust in the oil on top like usual.

Thin crust pizza by the slice

The antipasto salads were incredible, too. The one on the left was an artichoke antipasto salad. And the one on the right was a red pepper antipasto with black olives and garlic. There were even whole cloves of garlic! I was really impressed.

Antipasto salads- artichokes and roasted red peppers with olives, garlic, and parmesan cheese- and a little bottle of wine (from the Chevron gas station)

The dressing on the side salad was really tasty, too! And I liked how there was a hint of cheese on top.

Side salad with Italian dressing

Mom and I had a great girls’ night. We laughed and ate and talked about her days when she was dating my Father.

A fun dinner with my Mom

I loved my “gas station pizza” night with Mom. You’ve got to try “gas station pizza” at Zinncredible’s! It really is some of the best pizza in town!

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Jamie says: Here’s a long time favorite fancy lunch spot from the Pine Island Plaza- Vienna Cafe and Wine Bar  (9100 State Road 84, Davie, Florida 33324; tel. 954-423-1961).

This is the side of the restaurant most people would probably see. (We rarely see because we come from the other direction.)

Vienna Cafe (the side you'd see from State Road 84/ Interstate 595)

I actually stood in front of the sign for a little trying to figure out if it was new or just something I never noticed before…

Their sign up close

Here’s the side of the restaurant we usually see…

Vienna Cafe (the side you'd see from the plaza)

Check out the bar inside. (I’ve never sat at it because I always go for the delicious food.)

The bar

So straight to the tables we go. This is the area we have always sat in…

Seating area

But there’s also another seating area, too.

Another seating section

It’s a charming place to dine for a nice lunch. (I love their lunch, but I’m not as sold on their pricier dinner menu.)

Take your special someone to Vienna Cafe

I love how they always have fresh roses on the table.

The tables always have beautiful, fresh roses

One of our favorite salads is the Sonoma Salad. We will often share it as an appetizer, but this time I really wanted their delicious grilled salmon on top of it. (They’ll add grilled salmon to any salad; for a fee, of course.)

Sonoma Salad with grilled salmon added

Kathryn says: Whenever I go to Vienna, I have a go-to meal that I get because it’s so very tasty. The Cambridge Royal Smoked Salmon  is a sure bet for a delicious meal. The delicate smoked salmon is piled atop crispy fried potato shreds. The dish is topped with a dollop of sour cream and a small spoonful of caviar. A little bowl of capers comes on the side. If you’re in the mood for salty, crunchy and sophisticated, then this is your dish.

Cambridge Royal Smoked Salmon

Jamie says: Overall, Vienna Cafe is a wonderful place for a nice lunch out. The food is scrumptious and the atmosphere is charming.

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Jamie says: When I was reading the Sun Sentinel newspaper one morning, I was treated with a great surprise- a section devoted to the best restaurants in the area. I recognized the name Kristof’s Kafe (8912 W State Road 84, Davie, FL 33324; tel. 954-475-8977) despite never having been there before. I soon realized I had seen the restaurant many times because it’s located near my local Publix Supermarket which I so frequently visit.

So Mom and I planned a mother-daughter date and ventured to the restaurant for lunch this past Saturday. From a street view, the plaza (Pine Island Plaza) isn’t the most beautiful, but many good hole-in-the-wall places aren’t either.

Kristof's Kafe

Up close, the restaurant looks more cozy and festive.

Up close it looks cute

Inside it was classy and decorated for the Christmas holiday, too.

The stockings were hung by the bar with care...

It’s a small and relatively quiet restaurant- perfect for my lunch out with Mom.

A glimpse of the seating area

There were a lot of menu items I wanted to try, but I finally decided on the pulled pork sandwich. It was very tender and flavorful. I’d definitely order it again.

Pulled pork sandwich

Mom got the Cuban wrap. Hers looked good too, so I cut my pork sandwich in two and we swapped halves. My eyes didn’t deceive me… the Cuban wrap was mouthwatering, too. I was glad I made the switch so I got to try hers, too.

Cuban wrap

We both substituted the fries for a salad for an upcharge. I liked how our salads were served first while we waited for our sandwiches.

Side salad with house dressing

Overall, the restaurant was a winner. The food was delicious, the service was great, and the atmosphere was nice on the inside.

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Scruby's BBQ in Davie

Scruby's BBQ in Davie

Baked Beans with Pulled Pork

Baked Beans with Pulled Pork

Chicken, Ribs, Garlic Toast, and Sweet Potato

Chicken, Ribs, Garlic Toast, and Sweet Potato

My Plate- A Sampling of Everything

My Plate- A Sampling of Everything

Jamie says:  My all-time favorite BBQ restaurant is Scruby’s BBQ (8990 W. State Road 84, Davie, FL 33324; tel. 954-370-2774; additional locations in Pembroke Pines and Tamarac).  When I was younger, I went to the Pembroke Pines location with my family and Grandparents.  We now try to go to the Davie location at least once when we come home from school.  When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you see is the big open pit grill with meats cooking to perfection; the first thing you smell, is the aroma of quality smoky BBQ.  For some of the best meat, I recommend their baby back ribs ribs, chicken breast, and pulled pork.  They are moist and incredibly flavorful.  On the table, they offer many bottles of BBQ sauces to choose from.  I always top my meat with the sweet BBQ sauce- it is my favorite.  For side dishes, their baked beans, garlic toast, and sweet potato with cinnamon sugar butter are all outstanding.   Although we just went, I can’t wait to go back.

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