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Chocolate gelato with chocolate candies and vanilla gelato with fruit

Jamie says:  On our way to the train station from Lucca to Florence, we stopped in a little shop to grab some bottled waters.  The mounds of gelato were calling to me, and I didn’t have a gelato yet (a “goal” for the trip was at least one gelato every day).  And who knows the gelato in Lucca could taste different, right?.  I ordered a chocolate gelato with chunks of chocolate candies and the vanilla gelato with fruit.  I loved the crunch of the chocolate and fruit!  I can now say the gelato in Lucca is good, too!


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Osteria Via San Giorgio


Leather menu

Prosciutto, fig and brie appetizer with olives

Orange sesame tuna

Pumpkin gnocchi dish

The family at dinner in Lucca

Kathryn says: We hopped off the bus in Luca and found our way to Osteria Via San Giorgio (Via S. Giorgio, 26 – 55100 Lucca, Italy; Tel. 0583953233; osteriasangiorgio@alice.it). We had read wonderful reviews about it in the Rick Steve’s Italy guidebook. However, we forgot that many stores in Italy close for the late afternoon. We were so excited to find the restaurant, but the owner sent us away and said the kitchen would re-open at 6:30 p.m.   In the meantime, we found another place for lunch, went for a bike ride around the ramparts and window-shopped. We made sure to be back at the Osteria by 6:30 p.m. and were delighted to be seated outside.

We flipped through the soft leather menus and all agreed on an appetizer – figs with prosciutto, brie and a side of olives. The hot, oozing sweet cheese paired nicely with the salty slices of meat and the soft, sugary figs. The olives tasted fresh off the tree and were best savored on their own. J had an orange sesame tuna that was a bit plain until she dipped it in a green sauce that was served on the side. I was impressed with my pumpkin gnocchi dish. It was rich and creamy with a subtle pumpkin taste; I liked the thick, soft texture of the potato pasta. Soon after, we were back on the bus and heading “home” to Florence for a few more nights.

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Peasant soup


Seafood salad

Jamie says:  When we arrived in Lucca, it was quite late and we were starving- ready for some lunch.  We had a restaurant in mind, and I navigated our way there.  The restaurant was so charming, but it was closed!  (But don’t worry, we went back for dinner- see blog post above.)  We realized there were limited restaurant choices since most places were closed around 3:00 PM.  We found Fontanini to be open and dined outside.  I enjoyed the peasant soup and the bread.  It was just what I needed- something to hold me over for a couple of hours until our early dinner at the charming restaurant…

Kathryn says: My seafood salad, although a bit skimpy on the seafood, was tasty. On a hot afternoon sitting outside, I was happy to get a cold meal – chunks of octopus and slices of calamari on iceberg lettuce with carrots and tomatoes. The seafood tasted like it was marinated in vinegar and was nice and chewy. After fueling up on a light but satisfying meal, I was ready for a bike ride around Luca’s ramparts.

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