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Jamie says: Everyone likes free stuff, right? Especially when it’s good food! Want in on a little secret? Each year, Winn-Dixie has a tent with free pork sandwiches before the Florida-Georgia game (across the street from the stadium’s Parking Lot J).

Winn-Dixie Tent (located right across the street from from Parking Lot J at the stadium)

They have signs and people walking around with trays of sandwiches…

More like "Be satisfied"

You can eat as many as you want. Seriously.

Endless pork sandwiches

They use Hormel pork. I love pouring on all the BBQ sauces, too.

The pork loin one is the best (don't even bother with the pulled pork one- not nearly as good)

After filling up, it’s time for some more tailgating.

FL-GA flags displayed all around Ever Bank Stadium


Then off to the FL-GA game!

Inside the stadium for the FL-GA game! Go Gators!

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Jamie says: For Florida-Georgia weekend in Jacksonville, I’ve stayed at a different place every year for the past four years- not because my other stays were bad (far from it), but for other random reasons (i.e. someone volunteered her house, I tagged along with the plans of another group, I forgot the name of the hotel we stayed at last time, etc). This year, I dedicated a good amount of time to hotel hunting and chose the Sleep Inn & Suites (6535 Ramona Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, US, 32205; tel. 904-378-9779) for cost, location, availability, and other important factors, i.e. no-smoking rooms and FREE BREAKFAST (this is a food blog after-all).

The breakfast choices included options such as: oatmeal, cereal, apples, bananas, fruit salad, yogurt, biscuits and gravy, breads, hard-boiled eggs,milk, coffee, and… (drum roll, please)… Belgian waffles! (Forgive me if I missed something, the second I saw the Belgian waffle machine I was done searching.)

Gotta love the fire-alarm-like buzzer of the Belgian waffle maker

The waffle came out golden, crunchy, and fluffy. But The Stolarz sisters didn’t stop there…

What the typical Belgian waffle looks like...

We scooped on Activia vanilla yogurt, sliced up a banana, and drizzled syrup on top…

What a Stolarz Belgian waffle looks like

It was so good that I enjoyed the same breakfast for two mornings in a row! We had the hotel guests doing double-takes at this breakfast, a breakfast of champions!

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Jamie says: Florida-Georgia weekend in Jacksonville. Also known as The World’s Largest Cocktail Party and my favorite football weekend ever. This year, my 4th year in a row attending and 1st time as an alum, I went with my sister and a few friends (Clarissa, Laura, and Kanyon). Let me tell you, FL-GA weekend never fails to impress.

By now, I feel like an expert for the weekend. We have our routine down and know of the places to go:

  • Friday night- dinner and drinks @ The Landing (wearing your Halloween costumes)
  • Saturday morning/afternoon- tailgating by Ever Bank Stadium
  • Saturday late afternoon- FL-GA game
  • Saturday evening- dinner and drinks @ The Landing (this time wearing your GATOR gear)
If I missed anything or you have any favorite activities or suggestions, please share.
We started off our weekend with dinner at the American Grill at The Jacksonville Landing (2 East Independent Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32202; tel. 904-353-4503). We were in costume, of course. I ate here four years ago, too. We lucked out and were immediately seated outside and quickly served.

The American Grill has a special menu for FL-GA weekend... probably because it gets so busy!

I ordered a side salad to go with my meal instead of fries. After a little pleading, the kind waitress agreed to make the substitution.

Side salad

Beautifully done! This might be one of the nicest side salad substitutes I’ve seen. The bacon bits, cheese, and egg sure added a lot of flavor.

I ordered Sierra Grill sandwich, “grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, bacon, provolone, cheese, lettuce, tomato and scallions.”

J's Sierra Chicken Sandwich

It was so flavorful with two types of cheese, crunchy slices of bacon, and scallions.

Kathryn ordered the Montery Chicken, “herb grilled chicken atop fresh greens with bacon, eggs, tomato, and mixed cheese.” She liked her meal, too.

K's Montery Chicken Salad

In addition to the food, I really like the restaurant because you can see the beautiful water on one side and all the action going on in the center of The Landing.

View of The Jacksonville Landing from the restaurant

Even though the Gators lost a close game against Georgia, they owned The Landing! Limelyte agrees.

The Jacksonville Landing after the FL-GA game (American Grill is on the second floor on the left)

Goodnight, Landing! Until we meet again next year...

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