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Tuesday, June 3, 2014- Breakfast (part 2) in Barcelona, Spain at the airport

Jamie says: We arrived at the airport- and I was praying there would be a McDonald’s in house so I could satisfy my McDonald’s pancake craving. (Remember the walk on Las Ramblas where I saw that delicious-looking stack of McDonald’s pancakes with chocolate syrup? I still craved that stack. Oh, the power of suggestion.)

And hallelujah, there was a Mickey D’s in the airport. I ordered the chocolate covered pancakes with a mini mountain of whipped cream. I hadn’t had McDonald’s pancakes in years.

McDonald's pancakes with chocolate syrup and whipped cream (and a water)

McDonald’s pancakes with chocolate syrup and whipped cream (and a water)

They tasted like a mix between a Duncan Hines yellow birthday cake with chocolate frosting (I hope with no trans fats, though), Starbucks, and Fox’s chocolate syrup. It was truly a delicious treat.

Craving satisfied!

Craving satisfied!

It was getting close to that time where we needed to be by our gate, but before I left the Golden Arches, I went back for a bag of apple slices- and got the last one. Timing is everything.

The last bag of apple slices

The last bag of apple slices

It was then time to power walk back that long distance to our gate, which seemed shorter with a full and satisfied stomach.

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